LOT are not happy with Lufthansa

Hello everyone. Below is a article that explains why LOT are not happy with Lufthansa because their livery looks way to similar and potential customers could be confused with the airlines. In addition, they said it could damage their reputation. So what do you think?


Thats very interesting, Lufthansa could damage LOT’s reputation… I don’t think thats the case, LOT would probably damage LH much more. However the liveries are not similar at all, there is clear differences and fleet differences too. I think LOT are just over exaggerating and making a big fuss out of something thats not an issue.


They are not similar in any way.
Could this be a secret plot by LOT?

Meh they should just get over it.

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I agree. How do they look similar except the white circle?


The white circle doesn’t even look similar, LOT just want some attention :tipping_hand_man:

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New marketing strategy lol. @Chris18 that’s the most grown up thing I have heard all day.

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LOT Staff watching this happen: Now That’s a LOT of damage
Lufthansa Staff reacting:

(but replace flex seal with lufthansa)

Where is similarities they are both extreme different

I don’t see how you can think they’re not similar at all - obviously when you look closer you can see slight differences but just at a glance, or from slightly far away they look almost identical.

Exactly @pidge and @KoreanAir389