Make an introductions area

I would like to see a new category area added to the forum which is specifically for introduction topics so we can introduce ourself


Maybe you can introduce yourself in this topic like others do.


I will check it out but I was thinking of a category for different threads.

There is a kind of “Introduction Area” for the regulars.

So get to TL3 and your wish will be granted :wink:

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That isn’t the point of this topic as I’m asking for new forum users.

I’ve seen these on other forums but a master topic is probably best in this situation.

I see the point you are making but what is the disadvantage of a category?

It will clutter up the list with introduction threads so that’s why a master topic is better. I don’t want to be scrolling past 100s of introduction posts every single day here.

But isn’t the point of the community to come together?

The master topic will probably get lost.

I was looking for somewhere like this but there is only a topic. I would rather the staff here add a specific category for that purpose.