Making The Most Of Our Community

Making The Most Of The Forum

Welcome to the community! If you are new here, or just want to learn how you can utilise the forum better, then you have come to the right topic!

When deciding to like or reply to a post?

Are you trying to decide whether a post on the forum, requires a reply? Well if you believe that your reply will have something to contribute to the conversation then go ahead! The best time to like a post instead of replying to it, is when you agree, like what someone has said, or if you just don’t having anything else to contribute to the post at the current time.

What to do if you are unsure to post something?

Are you typing away about to post something, then you are unsure whether to post it or not, as it might have a negative impact on the community, or you are just thinking twice about posting something? Well, in all honesty if you are thinking twice about posting something, then it probably isn’t the right thing to post.

When should you post a topic?

You are welcome to post a topic to the community anytime. You just want to make sure of a few things before you post your awesome topic. You want to make sure that your post isn’t a duplicate. To double check, use the search function (magnifying glass) to search other topics. If your topic isn’t exactly a duplicate, you also want to make sure that it isn’t too similar to another topic.

If you are posting in support, please make sure that your question or concern has not already been answered in another support topic or topic in general.

Avoiding Unnecessary Comments

I have seen a little bit of this lately so I have decided to add it to this topic. Please avoid unnecessary comments, such as ‘Nice’, instead just react to the post with a like. It means the exact same thing and helps to not clutter the topic and community.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and contribute to this amazing community that we have!

More will be added to this, as time progresses. Hopes this helps some of the users of the community!