Manual V-Speeds


I think it would be good if we can set the V-Speeds manually instead of automatic. This would mean we can pinpoint them to the point where they are more accurate rather than just based off of the aircraft weight and type. We would be able to set them before flight accordingly and perhaps save for future use?


This would be a great idea, although wouldn’t it overlap with IF-A? I read somewhere that they were trying to keep apps as far away as possible. I suppose it wouldn’t really matter as IF PAX already has V-speed functionality.

Also be sure to vote for your own request!

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Got my vote great idea except, where are we grtting reliable V-Speeds from?

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People could get them from websites. I’m sure there are a few places online to find reliable v-speeds per aircraft.


Do you have any links?


No just search the web.

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I seem to remember there was a website where you put in the aircraft and weight and it gives you a v speed. Might be wrong


Do you know the site link?


No sorry. It was a long time ago.

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