Massive battery drain

Hello all, is it just me or is there rapid battery drain when using both Infinite Passengers and Infinite Flight on Android. Does anyone have any tips which I can do to save battery and still be able to complete the flight with both of the apps running? Thanks.


Some tips that we can give you to reduce your battery drain whilst using both apps is:

  • Lowering the brightness of your device whilst flying.

  • Turn on the ‘Enable Low Power’ mode on Infinite Flight to reduce battery drain.

Let us know if this helps!


I would also suggest keeping your device on a charger where possible and close any other background apps.


Thanks for the helpful tips. Will try and report back here.

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Thank you for the solution. Battery seems to last a bit longer now.

No worries, glad the issue has been resolved and the battery is lasting longer.

Remember #support is here if you require any further assistance!

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