Missing Boarding Music

Now I am going to make this very clear off everyone.
As far as I am aware, there is no China Eastern Boarding Music, even though they are a relatively big airline and have the A350. I discovered this when I was streaming FNF last night.
I’m just trying to be clear, so that we do not repeat a previous incident. Thank you and have a great day !

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China eastern airlines sound pack You can always vote here for it!


Thanks for

  1. Responding and promoting chat
  2. Approaching me in a positive and respectful manner
  3. Helping me out
    Once again, thanks and have a great day !
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Go to #features and vote, we don’t need this


Well I never seen it

Due to the large amounts of feature requests some can get hidden below others. I reccomend using the Advanced Search feature to help you check if a request exist and the wiki to ensure they are not currently in game. Once you have checked this and it has come back negative you’re welcome to make a new request otherwise if you find it feel free to vote. Hope this helps.


There are always different airlines to use for now