Missing sound packs after the 5.2.0 update

Once the 5.2.0 version is updated, I found that some of the previously added sound packs are removed. Are there no longer available? There are some removed sound packs:
2. Wizz Air
3. Volaris
4. Vietnam Airlines
5. Virgin America
6. Virgin Atlantic
7. Virgin Australia
8. Vueling
And many more previously added sound packs are also removed.
Please tell me as soon as possible to give any possible causes.

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Thanks for the report, I have just noticed this on the latest iOS beta too. We will open a bug report and see what’s going on with those packs.


Thanks for supporting this issue, but I don’t know the release date of the hotfix after the 5.2.0 update. Please notify me as soon as possible once the hotfix update is released.

when will the problem be solved?

I actually don’t know. We will have to wait and see further details about the hotfix.

erm… i wasnt aware of this. didnt sorry.
sorry ill take a look asap

Please let me know as soon as you’ve found any major issues of the 5.2.0 update.

Here’s the hotfix guys.

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Thanks for the hotfix. All the missing sound packs are now back.