More aircraft in the cargo mode


I’m from the UPSVA and i wanted to check out what you guys had in the cargo section so i could try to get others from the VA to get it I was kinda disappointed when all i saw what you guys had was the A332F, B748, B772F, DC-10F, and the MD-11F. We use the A332F, B748, MD-11F, as well as the B752, B763, B744, as well as the C208 (which I never flew a route with yet). It would be great if you were to add the other aircraft. I would try to get more ppl from the VA into this section cause it is a great idea.


we’ve mapped the same aicraft that are in Infinite Flight. So for example the b744 doesnt have cargo variant in IF.


good idea. But I don’t think they would change it for VA specifics.

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It wouldn’t just be for the VA but for anyone else who would want to fly that specific aircraft for a cargo run

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so we’d have to wait till they add the cargo variant?


This could be a variant as the FedEx is cargo

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exactly, it wouldn’t be just for the UPS VA but any other cargo VAs that are out there including the Feds, plus anyone else who would want to fly the cargo mode

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This can be added but then the planes will ofcourse be showing the passenger windows as IF doesnt have cargo variants of some of them yet. If thats ok with you guys then I see no issue?


Would love to see it added!!

I see no issue as it wouldn’t bother me at all. May also get more cargo users!!!


I see no issue with adding it as it wouldn’t have an effect on the gameplay. It’s just a placeholder image

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No i meant the actual aircraft in the infinite flight gameplay.
Am i missing something here… from what i can see Infinite flight doesnt have a cargo version of any other aircraft than those already in the cargo mode of infinite passengers??


Two of the 757 (DHL and UPS) are cargo without passenger windows:

Screenshot_20181211-231205 Screenshot_20181211-231223


ok excellent will add


These aircraft where converted from Passenger to Cargo, by the airline. So that’s why Infiniteflight lists it like that.


Added 757-200 to current version. You should be able to use it now. In next update it will have freighter image instead of the passenger one .


Thank you Luqmanh for listening to us, effective and quick update! :clap:


The C208 (FedEx) also has no passenger windows I believe.


Cessna 208 has now been added: