More app notifications for community or community tab in-app

What is it?

My idea is to create push notifications in Infinite Passengers. This would be at random times, a notification would pop up prompting the user to create an account at if they haven’t already. A sentence could also be included like “Have a new sound pack request? Join today (link)”. I find this would help drive more users to this forum and sign up.

My next idea is to have a community tab in the app where all of the latest topics are published or those from specific categories like #announcements or #features. This would give more community awareness and drive traffic more activity sure.

I also suggest a log on method to access the community with your Infinite Passengers app account.

Discourse has these available login methods…

Somehow they would have to be linked. I’m not sure how hard that would be. However, it would be nice to have this available.
Thanks :wink:


I believe we can also set up additional log in methods, build our own or even single sign on. Those are just a set of standard provided ones from Discourse. But it could work with a link to those somehow (if we implemented linking to those providers in the app).

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I think a link would be really nice. Voted

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No, what happens if they are making a video

they always have the ability to turn on do not disturb - and there’s always an equal / higher possibility of there being a notification from something else

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There is not. Like I have every notification turned off

[quote=“MMAviationYT, post:5, topic:2996”]
what happens if they are making a video
[/quote] The pop up could only come once starting app it will have no effect on your video.

exactly, so what’s the issue with having notifications coming from infinite passengers as well?

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Wouldn’t the users get annoyed of it popping up every time on the start of the app or not?