More free sound packs

It would be good if the user could get a few more free sound packs without sub. Perhaps another 3-5 included by default or the user can select their free ones. It would be better than free generic only sound. Share your thought?

Sounds like a good idea.

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I would make the same amount of free sound packs as the same amount as free planes in Infiniteflight.


Dosen’t really work but maybe just a few like one or two from every continent and a few from places like UK and US

This deserves my vote for sure.


This is great idea , you have my vote.

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Voted for this idea. I think that in addition to adding more value and opportunity for the app; on the business side it might help to captivate and retain new users who would then be more likely to purchase a subscription in the near future.

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You have my vote. I think people may need more than generic sound pack.

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I personally do not agree with this idea. The generic sound pack is fine for getting a feel of the app and what it does and if you want any more then get the subscription - that’s literally the entire purpose of the subscription.

Well, I think we can just add 1 more which is China Southern since it has a good boarding music

Same can be said with Infinite Flight though. The purpose of the PRO subscription is for all aircraft but they give some free and not just one.

This has my vote.

Not a really valid point to be honest. That’s like saying Infinite Flight only gives you the C172 generic to try out as free aircraft. Pomit has described it perfectly above.

This is a great idea.

It’s a perfectly valid point. You might not agree with it, but that’s your issue. However, you can’t compare the subscription in IF to the subscription in IFPAX. There’s many different types of planes, but really only 1 type of sound pack. Once you’ve tried the generic one, you can get a feel of whether it works for you and if it does then buy the subscription. If it doesn’t, then don’t.

I’m struggling to understand what you mean? There are several different sound packs, each for their own airline.

Yes I get you. But don’t you think people need a taste of a few sound packs before buying? The generic is too well… generic. They should be able to select from a few different ones.