My aircraft doesn’t show on Infinite Passenger Live Maps

Hi, I select a airline and it says I’m connected successfully. I get on Infinite Flight hearing the music from the airline I chose. I take off and when in flight I’ll check Infinite Passengers app for live maps to see if my aircraft is visible. My aircraft doesn’t show up and the last few flight it always shows there 234 live aircraft on live maps. I uninstalled the infinite passenger app and reinstalled again. I still have this issue not showing up on the map even though it says I’m connected successfully and in flight. What’s the problem and how to I solve this issue? Is there a bug?

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Hello @Broober,

Free mode flights will not be shown on the map feature, however any flights in Airline mode will. Which one of these modes where your flights in?

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buy subscription to show on map

Are you using Infinite Flight on same device or network connection, also make sure to have connect on and active sub.

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