My opinions here :)

Just going to post my opinions and impressions of this forum and how I feel. Just short and snappy but thanks to everyone.

  1. I feel welcome. This is a positive of having a nice community.
  2. Nice staff. Helpful

This forum is a great addition to Infinite flight passengers. It brings everyone who is interested together. This is what makes it a success so together we can drive IF PAX forwards. Together we make the app better, with new features and we have good and helpful support in… Support.

Just my two cents on this forum. Keep it up :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, we’re glad you’re enjoying the forum!

Thanks for the kinda words. We do our best to make everyone feel welcomed. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask

I definitely echo all of those points. So glad I found this forum.

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Thanks so much @Ondrejj!

We certainly appreciate your kind words on the forum. It’s nice to see that you are enjoying it here and feel at home. Great to know that we are doing our role properly in helping out the community.

Exactly. Our goal here is to create a welcoming community for all of those who share a similar passion for Infinite Passengers, however also for those who want to help us grow more. The community has definitely played a huge part in Infinite Passengers over the last year. We’ve implemented so many community feature requests, listened to your feedback and support you.

Let’s continue this!


This forum is a great place and I’ve never met a more supportive community!


I strongly believe this is a good forum to participate in.


I’m really enjoying it here as well so far :+1: huge thanks to everyone who makes up this community and the staff team.


I like how we get to actually create feature requests and be more involved in the app. Staff are very active and ready to assist everyone here.


Yes, hopefully we should get a spike in valuable members too with the no longer existing fresh desk.


I can just tell this community is going to thrive even more!

I guess we will over the next couple weeks.