Name error in Air New Zealand sound pack

I was just thinking it would be easier and maybe help beginners if you rename the New Zealand sound pack to Air New Zealand sound pack. I understand there is other things to be done so I don’t really mind.

It’s not an error. Many of the sound packs have name abbreviations on the sound pack selection screen. I can easily recognise it as Air New Zealand from the logo and name…

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Have you read what I said ?
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Yes, I have read what you said. You did point out it was an error, however we’ve abbreviated a lot of airline names down :). Maybe it’s something to look at for the future though!

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I’m being honest that it won’t make a difference either way.

How, some people May get confused. Again, I am not doing this for myself but other members

It’s not confusing, you must be really stupid then.

Omg, did u not ready what I just said :man_facepalming:t2:

No one has got confused in the space of a few months.

How do you know that ???

And it’s not just with New Zealand because others also have shorter names. They have bigger things to focus on and I hardly doubt they will change this.

You do realise that not everyone uses this community…

I guess you don’t understand.
Why don’t you go create a topic for the other 100 sound packs with shorter names?

This is the bit where I tell you how and I get banned for some stupid reason, so

No comment

Lol they are the same thing and no one is going to be confused.

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You aren’t going to be banned for that.

Well that shows that this community has COMMON SENSE !!!

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Please do not talk harsh about other communities. It isn’t kind to people, and i’m sure you wouldn’t like it either if someone said your community didn’t have common sense.