New Category - Flights

Hey everyone,

Today we have launched a new #flights category here on the forum. This will be the place to post any screenshots from your flights with Infinite Passengers. These may range from your short haul flights to group flights and long hauls.

You may create a separate thread for each time you post a set of photos, however please stick to the category guidelines given in the following post:

We have imposed a limit as to the number of images. We strictly ask that you do not post more than stated.

Any topics which do not follow the rules will be closed and deleted.

We hope you enjoy this new category!

Special thanks to @aegirN for the idea and execution.

Who will post there first?


This is my dream category.


Good job on this new category.
Are normal pictures from Infinite Flight allowed here?

The category is for pictures of your flights which you used infinitepassengers to improve your flights experience.

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Oh nice. Definitely gonna use this category a lot


Ok and we can share any IF PAX flights?and just follow the category rules.

Thanks for adding this new category! Great addition to the forum

What if someone just post picture from Infinite Flight and just say it was an Infinite Passengers Flight?

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We trust you :wink: You wouldn’t do this.


Oh that’s a great decision of the team. I really from my heart appreciate this idea. But i want to put forward a suggestion of mine and I wish the moderation will accept this. The suggestion is to hold each month a screenshot contest. And whose images will win the contest then that image will be made the forums main image. And he/she must be given some prize. I hope my idea will get appreciation of all members. But if the moderation team has something more different idea or want add something to my idea. I will definitely give a Thumbs Up :+1: to everyone.

Please also share your views on my suggestion. I will be happy to hear from you. As this way the community can be more productive.

Best Regards

That’s a good category. In this category, I can post any photos from Infinite Flight only when it’s connected to Infinite Passengers.

Yes, if you flew (for example) KLAX - KSFO with infinite passengers, if you have a screenshot of the landing, takeoff or cruise. You may post that flight.