New competition end of year idea

Since end of year and Black Friday are coming up why doesn’t IF Pax do a special sale or competition. Run a free year subscription but must join community to win and invite others and how about reducing App Store price for 48hours and they join community.


Sound like a good idea and will get more community active and sales.

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This sounds a great idea.

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Please do this competition.

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What a great idea, it definitely needs to happen but how do we invite?.

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@luqmanh I hope you can do this

Can you please not tag the developer.


Seems a good idea and I agree with the Black Friday sales.

sounds fair. will consider the black friday option.


Sorry but there is no rule stating I cannot tag the developer.@luqmah thank you for your consideration of my proposal.

It is a non-written rule, which we enforce to keep the developers inbox clear of non-critical messages or topics. We have been enforcing this since the forum started. Please just listen to what I said and don’t do it again.

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Sorry it should be stated public and please calm down!!!

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Black Friday is tomorrow so will this be an option?

Looks like the app is has dropped in price and is available for free on the App Store at the moment.

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