New Forum Changes!


Over the coming days and weeks, we will be implementing some changes to the way things work here on the forum.

Let’s talk…

Support Platform

Based on the popular request - All In One Support Platform For Infinite Passengers (remove freshdesk and make only community) we will be merging everything here into the community forum. This means there will be no more FreshDesk support and it will be here instead. This week, we will be releasing an updated version of the app to both Apple and Google Play with links to our community forum instead of FreshDesk. We are expecting an increase in topics, especially in #support. We will also be expecting our member count to rise significantly. This is a great step forward as it will allow us to build a better user base around Infinite Passengers, however also have everything in a single place. We believe the community is a place where everyone should be able to come together, get support, request new features, recruit for their airline, share knowledge and more. Instead of having multiple platforms, we’ve decided to avoid the hassle of switching and housed everything here. Please direct all support requests to this community from now on.

New Community Staff Member

In spite of this new change, we’d like to welcome @aviator_ryan to our community staff team. Ryan has been onboard with the community for a while now as a regular. We are confident that Ryan will be able to fill the assigned duties without any issue. Ryan is in the US and this means a member of staff should be available to you at most times. He also brings a lot of knowledge surrounding Real World Aviation, Infinite Passengers and Infinite Flight. Ryan currently holds a PPL. We’d like to thank him for all of his contributions to the community so far! You will find his profile below:

Note: Staff team is now full and we are not accepting new members at the moment unless the need arises.

Tis The Season

We are also discussing a new Christmas type theme to lighten the mood this holiday season. Stay tuned for more!

Forum Anniversary Post

Wow! It’s been an entire year of the Infinite Passengers Community. Special post will come soon! Stay tuned for that!

Thanks as always to all of those who make up our community!


Congratulations @Declan_O :partying_face:


Nice to see an Aussie staff member, congratulations once again Declan!

Great to see the all in one changes also.


Congratulations to both of you.


Great to see my request being added and huge congratulations to Declan and Ryan.


Thanks for the excellent update and well done @aviator_ryan @Declan_O!


This is awesome news :+1:


Welcome Back to staff @Declan_O


Great job on moving everything here and I would like to send my congratulations to @Declan_O and @aviator_ryan on their promotions.


amazing new forum changes, you definitely are a great community and congrats to Declan and Ryan.


When is this being posted because I’m really keen to know how everything started.

Soon :tm:. We are nearly finished drafting it up :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for it! :eyes: