New Group for Airline Founder

Hey everyone,

We’ve now added a closed group here on the forum for those who have founded an airline within Infinite Passengers.

The aim of this group is to easily identify those who have founded an airline without having to scroll through heaps of topics. This will allow you to more easily find who you are looking for, message them for advice or become a pilot for their airline. This group is visible to the public by visiting here:

In addition , a custom profile field has been added for you to fill out if you are a member of any airlines. It can be located in your profile preferences.

So how do I join the airline founders group?

There are a few requirements listed below you have to meet in order to be added to the group.

• Must have a thread present within #recruitment category

• Must run your airline for a minimum of 6 months to a year

• Must be at least basic user or above on the community

• Must have at least 1 pilot flying for the airline (optional for new airlines)

If you believe you meet all of the requirements, simply send a message to @moderators and we should be able to get you added. We will genuinely look for those meeting the requirements, not those who just want to be in the group. Some users may have been automatically added.

Please feel free to leave any questions below!

Thanks to the following request: I suggest an airlines group




Wow that’s an awesome addition!

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Really nice idea, thank you for the new addition.

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Thanks staff, I’m sure lots of people will appreciate this :slight_smile:


Really good job, can you explain how we create a thread for our airlines, greetings.

~ N-O-N

Check out this thread:

You’ll find lots of information there :)!

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I am founder of In-N-Out burger airlines

You’ll have to read requirements and you need a thread in #recruitment I think.


Hi. Maybe my opinion is petty, selfish and meaningless, but in my opinion creating a group of airline creators on the iPax has gone far, the community does not have an outstanding activity and leave doubts in an exclusive Group chat does not seem to me All good, stop taking into account the new members who have doubts, and find a private chat where you can not read (maybe I am wrong), where it is not possible to comment, far from increasing participation is limiting the development of the community. Until a month ago I kept my rating in the first places because I like to fly with the most realistic sounds in the app, but with this decision I feel excluded and unable to read all the ideas, doubts and participations in the community. -IFGA Indamx (Infiniteflight) -@infiniteflight_Worldaviation (IG) -Airinda (iPax)

Hello @Inda_Eguia,

Thanks for taking the time to write, this group is not intended to make an exclusive group and lock many others out. It is simply to help us and others identify, who owns which airlines etc. There is no Group Chat, and the list of members is public. Hope this helps answer some doubts.


@aegirN Thank you very much for taking the time to read my opinion, now I find it more congruent (Thanks for clarifying the doubt), however the same iPax application asks you to create an airline mode, then we are all creators of airlines or not ?.

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No… To apply for the airline founder group you must make a #recruitment thread for your airline in IFPAX, see this link.


This seems like a good idea. My suggestion is to lower the time of the community to 1 month though. 6 Months seems a lot

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That isn’t community time. They just commit to running their VA for 6 months.


Read the full post before commenting.

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Thanks for the information, will check out the topic and make a recruiting thread, greetings.

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I still need some extra work done before I can be up there