New Job as a Line Service Tech

Hello Community,
Tommorow I will be starting my first day as an LST at a Fixed Based Operator (FBO) at LIttle Rock National Airport. While im not going to say who i am employed by, I wanted to make this thread for anyone to ask questions about what I do and what type of things ill be seeing on a daily basis. Ill be updating this thread as much as I can when when interesting things come through the FBO.

Fill free to ask questions and comments below


Sounds great. What does an LST do and what aircraft will you be working with?

Fuel,Lav, marshalling,towing, anything that aircraft needs service on. I’ll be working with anything from small GA planes to corporate jets


Love love to see any photos if you’re allowed to take/when you start. Sounds like a cool job


I’ll do my best to take photos! I may take some when I’m off the clock


How are you finding the job and do you have any pictures to share?

Have you worked a TBM yet?

yep ive worked a tbm. put 20 gallons a side in it

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love the job. it has its days but i like it. i do have lots of pictures

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