New Measures To Prevent Cheat Flights

New Measures

We’ve now put in place measures to prevent users trying to cheat and create flights that they didn’t actually fly (you would be suprised how many people actually try this).

These new measures should help detect legitimate flights, rather than those that were cheating the system. For those who tried to cheat, think again as that won’t be happening any longer.

If for any reason you complete a genuine flight and it’s blocked, please contact us at and we’ll be able to investigate further. Alternatively create a topic in #support and we’ll look into it further.



Awesome work team!!!


Oof nice get those cheats.

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I never even knew that was possible, why would anyone even want to cheat, smh, there must be some sorry ass losers out there. Just do your flights like everyone else, TF


Why do people cheat!


I feel happy for the great News, those who fly more than 10 hours are thank you.


No cheating especially on IF itself, that’s illegal and may be spent in prison if you cheat!!! Thanks for making IFPAX better luqmanh, very proud of you :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:. (sorry for the late reply)

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I don’t think someone may be sent to prison for that.

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They may be punished won’t they?

I don’t think the app developer will punish them, but just remove their flights or accounts.

Ah, I see, well, I still want to thank them though for doing the right thing…

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