New Qatar Airways Safety Video

Qatar Airways has implemented a new safety video, I think it would be a nice feature if you could add the FC Barcelona and the new one so we could choose which one we want to play as the FC Barcelona one is amazing and the new one is alright.

New Qatar Airways Safety Video :

This safety video has been missing for a long time from the app.

I think the app only handles singular safety videos at the moment, it shouldn’t be too much hassle to add an option to switch hopefully. Make sure to vote yourself and show support.

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Thanks mate !

20 letters

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Maybe try to avoid using things like this to fill remaining characters, if not 20 characters then it’s not worth posting. I’m not sure if the mods have a rule around this or what?.


Doubt they’ll add both unless they add adaptive music.

Ok, I will try to include more than 20 letters in my sentences next time

Since this is now implemented, can I not choose between both. I prefer the real one a lot more.

Hmm, you might as well use this from the official version of it.

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I think this should be added