New Qatar boarding music 2018


image Qatar Airways have changed there onboard music.

I think you should change it

Thank you


Can u provide a link to the new music


When making a feature request, especially for boarding music, we ask that you please provide links to the boarding music.

It helps us, and helps you get more votes, if people can look straight away and know what they are voting for.


I’ll try

Thank you for asking


I am not able to give a link but I can show you a pic of it

Thank you


I have went to the video and added the link to your original post.

Thanks for your contribution to the community.


I am sorry That I canot provide a link.


Not a problem, it should be at the top of the page, and you just need to edit your post, and copy it into there.

For next time, if you have any questions, let us know.


It is at the top of the page

I will I would enjoy “IF PAX” if you added this feature


All features are considered.

Have a good day!


Good bye

Have a happy new year


This got my Vote! Love Qatar Airways, and this will be a great addition.


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I want to vote but unfortunately I ran out of vote.


Here you go @Almhndi!



Got my vote. Love Qatar


Here’s a link I also would desperately like the update


It already been linked


But I am linking it again