New update before the end of the year?

Hey everyone, just have a query if anyone knows if we will receive any further updates before the end of 2019?



Hey there!

We don’t know if there is any major update toward the end of the year. All you have to do is wait for #announcements and see. Who knows, maybe before 2020 or after.


Thanks for your reply Gabe_Z. I thought staff knew of these things.


In addition to what Gabe said, we know a few things about updates but nothing as of now. We tend to find out when they enter the testing stage as Luqman is very busy with other focuses. That being said, there will most likely be an update before the end of year (don’t count me on that), however main focus right now is stability of the app and crash issues. Boarding music and safety announcements are added regularly though!

We’ll update as more info comes in.


I say to everyone to have a little patience. A lot of updates have been out already and a completely new interface for the app. This has been a great year for updates and hopefully many more to come.

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Thanks for the update.

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Seems to be in beta testing.

There is absolutely no confirmation of the next update being in beta testing. Please avoid spreading misinformation without confirmation to back it up. Just because you see a staff member flying doesn’t mean they are always testing out a new update. They could be flying normally, trying to reproduce an issue, find bugs etc. We’ll give you an update once available.


Folks, I can now share some new information from the developer. We are unlikely to have a major update before the end of 2019, however that doesn’t mean sound packs/smaller things won’t be added. The next target for an update will be Q1 2020.



Thanks so much for the update!

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