New update not received

Hey y’all,
I have not recieved update 5.0.11 on my iPad. I heard it was pushed yesterday to app stores. How can i receive it?
Any help is appreciated.


Could you please help us by replying back on us with the following information:

• Device, OS, any jailbreak, etc…

Haven’t really heard of a similar issue but I am sure we will find a way to solve your problem.

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• iPad Pro 12.9
• iOS 12
• No jailbreak

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There might be a possibility that it might have been already been updated (didn’t check) if your auto-update is turned on.
Just check the app.

Edit- NVM

I’m running 5.0.10 according to the store

Does the update show in the store?

Ok do one thing …I have seen this some times occuring with iOS devices just try the following steps
• Relaunch the iOS store.(clear cache data before doing so)
•uninstall and install the app( works sometimes)
•restart your phone ( last but not the least)
Let us know…


No update shows in the store

Ok ill give it a go. I appreciate the help.

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Update 5.0.11 seems to appear after reinstalling. I appreciate the support.


Your most welcome and Enjoy the update!


Thanks for your help, once again - @Pattymao.