New USAF tanker


Develope from the Boeing 767, the USAF introduces a new tanker aircraft: KC-46 Pegasus currently in testingimage
Source: I am just posting it since this is a new aircraft and you might not know about it.


Great, I hadn’t heard of this - thanks for posting mate


Same, I was checking USAF on Wikipedia and I thought that I have seen the aircraft but it’s a new one that is coming in 2019. Lol.


Delivery just started but there’s been a lot of loose FOD discovered in the plane so it’s grounded.


Here is just an image of KC-46 refueling a F-35 in California on January 22, 2019image

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I saw this airplane being built when I went on a factory tour of Boeing’s plant up at Paine Field. They mentioned that it had been delayed


When you went to the factory, did you took a picture of the aircraft? If so, you can share it to here. :wink: @aviator_ryan


It loooked like the picture above. Unfortunately you can’t take pictures in the plants

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Why can’t we do that?

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Cuz it’s there rules

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Oh yeah, I should have known.

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That sounds like an amazing experience, were you going with any kind of particular group or event or did you just get to go on a tour?

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The first time I was with a group (it was for an aviation facebook group meetup) and the second time was with my family and dads brother and his family (my aunt,uncle and cousin)


Awesome! it’s a shame they don’t let you take pictures, all for a good reason I guess.


Yeah, it would have been awesome if they allow you to take picture but it’s a factory and not a museum so I think that’s why they don’t allow photo taken.


I’m guessing it’s to protect their manufacturing methods and secrets?

Or due to it being military?


It’s not even that. It’s because it’s an active work place and they are afraid of people dropping there phones and damaging pieces of the airplanes/ hurting workers


why would people do things like dropping their phones and damaging pieces of the airplanes as well as hurting workers?


Nobody does it on purpose but the “no photography” rule is in place just for that reason. They don’t want someone accidentally dropping there phone