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Welcome to the Infinite Passengers Community!

We are so happy to have you here. This Discourse forum was created to allow users of the Infinite Passengers App, an add on app for Infinite Flight available on Android and iOS, to communicate on a new level. Within the forum you can get app help, request new features, recruit pilots, find an airline, and chat about the app and aviation with like-minded members.

This guide will show you everything you need to know to kick off a successful account here on the forum. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Thanks for taking the time to read more about our operations.

Creating a New Post

You can create a new post when you have a new idea, request, or issue that you would like the community to discuss.

Before posting, please make sure your post is not a duplicate by utilizing the magnifying glass icon, or search button, to search for the title of the topic you would like to create. Make you search using different wordings. For example, if you were having app crash issues you could search “crashes,” “app crashing,” or “trouble launching.” This will ensure there is no duplicates to your post.


When creating your post, you will have to place it into the category that best suits it. A summary of our categories is below.

Category Description About
#Announcements This category is used to announce any app updates or major forum changes. Read More
#Meta This category is used for all posts related to the workings of the forum. Read More
#Features In this category you can request new ideas you would like to see in the app. Please read features category guidelines to ensure that you have correctly created your request. Read More
#Recruitment Recruit pilots to your airline, or find an airline to fly for. Read More
#Aviation Chat about aviation with other enthusiasts. Read More
#Tutorials Helpful tutorials on the usage of both the forum and app. Limited to TL2 (See Below). Read More
#Support Get help with any issues you encounter while using the app. In-depth guide below. Read More
#Español Support for Spanish-speaking users. Read More
#General All topics that do not fit into any other category. You can also use this category for any topics that relate to Infinite Flight. Read More
#Flights Share your flights with Infinite Passengers here. Read More
#Infinite-Flight All Infinite Flight related topics are allowed here. Read More
#announcements:releases Official release notes for each update of Infinite Passengers. Read More

Trust Levels

By now, you may have noticed that you are slightly limited in what you can do as a new user. Don’t worry though! You will gain more and more privileges as you use the forum more. Just be a productive user (see below) and you will be there in no time. Avoid directly asking the staff team for promotions.

Trust Level Summary

Trust Level Abbreviation About
New User TL0 Privileges/ Limitations
Basic User TL1 Privileges/ Limitations
Member TL2 Privileges/ Limitations
Regular TL3 Privileges/ Limitations
Leader* TL4 Privileges/ Limitations

*Manual Promotion Only


Here for help with the app? We are happy to help.

At Infinite Passengers we have two support options: creating a support topic here on the forum, or message @support directly. A support topic here on the forum is usually the faster way to get help, but in some cases the developer’s direct assistance is required.

I Paid for Sound Packs and Now I Need A Subscription. What do I do?

Infinite Passengers recently switched to a subscription model to ensure that the app can continue to be developed to improve the user experience, to streamline billing, and to give all-in-one access to the premium features of the app. This even allows for more frequent updates, making the app better for all!

Don’t worry - your previous purchase will be honored with an appropriate subscription. Please contact us to reclaim via #support. Make sure you provide the correct username. Receipts are helpful but not essential. DO NOT provide any other personal information in public. Message @support if required. Once we have added, remove the app, reinstall install from app store and then login to airline mode. It will provide access.

Thank you so much for being an Infinite Passengers customer, and thanks for your patience and understanding.

All Other Support Requests

If you have any other app issues, please read our FAQ first. There is a good chance that your issue will be listed on there. If not, please feel free to create a support topic. Someone will be with you as soon as possible. To expedite your request, please include the following:

  • A description of the problem/issue encountered

  • Device, OS, any jailbreak, device modifications etc

  • Infinite Passengers version number

  • Any steps to reproduce your issue

  • Screenshots & Videos will also help if possible

Replying to a Support Topic

While we truly appreciate your help, it is not useful to create an unproductive reply. It’s also important to read the post and thread in its entirety before replying so you don’t repeat anything, and you understand the issue at hand. So replies like “I’m not sure, maybe a mod can help,” or “what device are you using” when it’s mentioned in the thread are not useful.


To keep the forum a civilized place, we have a group of qualified moderators. They are always available if you have any issues or questions. To contact all of them at once, set up a message with @moderators.

Community Staff Team

How do I become a Moderator?

As of now, we currently don’t take any direct requests for this position. Please avoid asking for a moderation/staff position as this will only lower your chances of becoming them in the future. The community admins will decide on new moderators and only promote if more are needed. The best way to become a moderator is to be an active and loyal forum member. Promote some positive discussion, welcome new users and assist users who may need help. We base our selection on multiple factors to ensure only the most loyal forum members are promoted to moderator.

We do also have an application process which may be opened up to allow the general public to apply for moderator. Although, we do still take a lot of factors into account when opening public applications. Keep an eye out in case we decide to do public applications.

Thanks for being part of the community!


If something’s not right, flag it. This can be done using the flag (20181206_221037) icon under the post or reply. Only flag a post if it is spam, violates our terms of service, or if it is not relevant to the current discussion. For all other issues, select something else. A moderator will review your flag and determine if action needs to be taken. Thanks for helping to keep our community civil.

Being A Productive Member of the Forum

You’ll hear the phrase ‘productive’ a lot within the community, and of course you would like to be productive. But what does this really mean? Being a productive user means:

  • Contributing to positive, cvil discussion
  • Engaging in disagreement with positive, constructive feedback
  • Being an Active Member

Contributing to positive discussion can mean a lot of things. It can mean complimenting a recruitment thread. It can mean helping out someone who created a support topic. It can mean voting for a feature request, and explaining why you love the feature. But it can also mean explaining why you do not like the feature request in a positive way. Discourse both ways is truly the key to positive discussion. You’ll find that as you engage in this discussion, you’ll become a more valued member and your trust level will rise.

On the other hand, unproductive discussion will not contribute to growth. Getting in petty arguments, saying “I agree with the above,” or other unnecessary discussion, especially that violates our ToS, will not lead anywhere. If something’s not right, flag it, or agree to disagree. If you agree with something, like it!

Read More: Making The Most Of Our Community

Tagging The Developer

Whilst we appreciate that most people want the developer to see their topic/reply, we ask that you avoid tagging Luqman in any posts unless it’s an urgent issue that requires immediate attention. Luqman’s inbox gets pretty busy already and we don’t want any useless tags getting in the way of that. This will allow the focus to be on solving more important issues. Luqman does look at the topics here on a regular basis, meaning that he’ll see your posts eventually.

Tutorials - Learn More About the App and Forum

Tutorials are an awesome way to learn more about Infinite Passengers and the forum.

Forum Tutorials

As a new user, it is highly advisable to read Discourse’s New User Guide. This will teach you about how to effectively use this platform. In continuing your quest for forum information, the category guidelines above will contain useful information about each particular category. Lastly, you can learn how to effectively format your topics using forum tools.

App Tutorials

See the #tutorials category, or more specifically the tutorials catalog for all Infinite Passengers tutorials. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to create a topic and ask!

Before You Go

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the community. We are so happy to have you here. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to message a member of the moderation team (@moderators). If you’re not sure who to reach out to, see this guide. We all hope to see you around here on the forum for years to come!

Thread originally created by @rileymoyer. Adapted by the moderation team.


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