New user here to IF PAX

Hello captains

I have been recently introduced to this app by my good friend and he asks me to go for the subscription offer. Does anyone on here have experience with the subscription who can guide me on the worthiness of it.

I already purchased the Infinite Flight Pro so wondering if good investment or not.

Good day


Hello and welcome!

With your initial purchase of the subscription you’ll have full access to all of our modes, these include both airline and cargo mode.

You will also receive every single airline sound pack we have to offer instead of just the generic sound without a subscription. This means you’ll be able to fly with the corresponding sound pack for most airlines available within Infinite Flight. This is definitely a great deal if you are looking for boarding music and safety announcements to add realism to your flight.

This subscription method will also allow you full access to our emergency functionality in free play, airline and cargo mode. This will allow you to select from a range of emergency scenarios such as engine failure, fuel leak, flap failure and gear stuck down. They are able to be set as fixed based on time and %. They can also be set to occur at a random time during the flight. Emergencies are definitely a great addition to the app that you may like. We do recommend these are used in solo mode as they may negatively affect multiplayer rating.

In summary, it’s definitely worth it. You don’t have the worry of buying each mode individually, you don’t have the worry about paying for each individual sound pack and you don’t have to pay for the emergencies separate.

Make sure to let us know your feedback on the app if you choose to go ahead with the subscription! We’d love to hear your thoughts.


Wow thank you so much for this detail.

I think I will get the subscription mode later today. Please tell me how I can do more for this community.



Check out this handy guide:

Thanks for being a part of the community :)!


Welcome to the community @Avril, subscription is definitely worth it.


Thank you @anon85169546 will check it out.

Appreciate the warm welcome and thanks for the opinion @Finland737.


Hope you enjoy your stay.

How were you able to find out the community? Did he told you that as well? I am very curious how new users were able to find out this community.

I found the community by just searching Infinite Passengers support on google search.

Glad I’ve found it here.