No More Dark Mode

Ive noticed Dark Mode Disappeared a few hours ago, wondering what happened… Any one got an ‘Intel’ on an update or something to the forum?

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Dark mode was disabled whilst making a few changes. I was doing some tweaking to it to make it stand out more. It was also disabled whilst testing a few things in the theme layout. I’ll get it back up soon.

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Thanks! (I cant stand the normal mode) just my personal opinion :man_shrugging:

Also that was one of the things I had a problem with it, I got used to it after a few days…

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Should be back up now.

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Thanks again! This topic can be closed or whatever, you choose.

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You may also notice a new ‘Grey Amber’ theme. Looks pretty cool!

Screenshot_2019-01-01-22-27-55 Screenshot_20190101-222654_Chrome

Latte Gold also added.

These are all user selectable.