Noob over here πŸ‘‹

Hey guys/girls,

I am very new to this forum and it’s the pleasure to be invited by my buddy @Maverick.

Where do i start here. I just wanna get into the fun and help people.


Just pretend this is IFC but it is centered around IFPAX rather than IF

  • Be professional
  • Be civilized
  • Follow all rules
  • Don’t go off topic
  • Report any bugs on IFPAX to staff or developers
  • Make feature requests to make IFPAX better
  • Don’t post duplicates
  • Basically IFC rules

I am very familiar with IFC so i think i will know where i’m going and the rules/boundaries i have.

thanks Big Bert

Feel free to join my va: FlyDelta virtual inspired by Delta Airlines

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If you’re looking for an airline to join (in IFPAX) take a look in #recruitment if you want to start your own, #recruitment is the place, Welcome to the forum!