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You better have a tolerance for seriously long car journeys. A few hours is bad for me although i’m driving to Fort William (@anon85169546’s back garden) which is 8 Hours in the summer due to not being able to fly because of the FlyBe sale. Thanks FlyBe.

Anyway back on topic.



Hi there I am MM Aviation
I was born in, and live in Perth Australia
My dream is to be a Qatar airways pilot but that probably won’t happen as I am blind in one eye and a idiot threw a handball in my other causing bleeding and a detached retina, so I need emergency surgery and now I have silicone holding my eye together.
I am the founder of IFSP.
I was given the link to the community from liquor (spell check won’t let me write the founders name)


If you want to join my VA or have any questions you can dm me.
Now introducing

For future reference you can edit your original post buddy.


Thanks !!!


Welcome @ScoobyDoo to the IF PAX forum! Thanks for joining. Be sure to check out #meta for information you might need.



Actually I can’t approve posts @ScoobyDoo if you have looked at meta this would have appeared :slight_smile:
Post approval question

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Hello I’m Alexander, a long time customer of Infinite Passengers. I enjoy it as it adds a realistic touch to your flight, allows flight monitoring and can own your airline.

See you around the community.


How do u know when newbies arrive ?

It’s not hard to notice because they post in public.

sorry for delay of response. Normally they make a I’m new topic or introduce themselves in established topics.


I have an idea.

I’m sure the staff team should know when a new user registers for the forum, so perhaps they welcome and tag them here?

Yes, they would know they just look in admin -> users -> new It’s nice when staff welcome someone because it makes the user want o stay knowing staff are supportive.

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But on the other hand wouldn’t it get annoying with constant replies and tags, perhaps they PM?

I have no idea. Perhaps ask a staff member :slight_smile:

Yes I’m not going off topic anymore.

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Hate to be the party pooper but looks like @arcticpolar9 was looking for your opinions.
If you were new would you find it annoying?

But I thought newbies cannot make a topic ?

Newbies can make topics. They just have to go through an approval process

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Hello, I am GermanDude from Düsseldorf.