Official Infinite Passengers Airline Database

Infinite Passengers Airline Database

Welcome to the Infinite Passengers Airline Database. Here you can find all of the airlines that are being advertised on the community, and that exist in Infinite Passengers.

If you have an airline that is not yet added, please contact a member of the moderation team or a Regular.

Amazing Airlines

CEO - @Andy_Marks

British Airways Virtual Airlines

"British Airways Virtual, just like the real-world counterpart fly world wide. We welcome you to join this friendly and professional environment’.

CEO - @British_Airways

Binter Canarias

“We are a brand new Regional airline which in the “Virtual” world you don’t really see all that often! And we are truly pleased to represent The Canary Islands!!!”

CEO - @Binter_Canarias

Callum5124 airlines

CEO - @Callum5124

Corporate Virtual Airlines

“We don’t make you fly, you fly yourself to where you like when you like. Corporate VA, “Welcome Home”.”

CEO - @Jordan

Elite Air

“A Virtual Airline for the most Elite Pilots, With an ever expanding fleet, we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy at Elite Air.”

CEO - @Piperflyer

Euro Air

CEO - @Euro_Air_Founder

EuroEast Airlines

CEO - @rubinedan


CEO - @gold


CEO - @YouGoAir

FlyDelta Virtual

CEO - @Maverick


CEO - @FlyRedSkyIF_Sky

Greene Brothers Airways

“Greene Brother Airways is a charter and on demand airline simulating FAR part 135 operations.”

CEO - @aviator_ryan

GC Airways

CEO - @GCAirways


CEO - @JetUK

Lufthansa Group

CEO - @aegirN

Midwest Regional Aviation

CEO - @Marc_Hicks

Piedmont Regional Virtual

“Piedmont Regional Virtual operates CRJ-200’s across the East Coast of America to multiple destinations. If you like regional flying, then this is the Virtual Airline for you.”

CEO - @rileymoyer

Pan American Airways

CEO - @AlexLeMans

Qantas Virtual Airlines

“At Qantas Virtual, our goal is simple! To bring The Spirt of Australia to you, our pilots.”

CEO - @Declan_O

RyanAirIF Virtual

“Ryanair virtual is a professional virtual airline to simulate the real life airline At Ryanair virtual we aim to be the best.”

CEO - @RyanAir_IF_Virtual

SpiceJet Virtual

“We at SpiceJet Virtual ensure that our Pilots and Staff have a wonderful time in the air and come and experience our Indian hospitality.”

CEO - @Pattymao

Transavia Virtual

CEO - @Vinne

West Coast Airlines

CEO - @Tyler_Reiber

World Airline Systems

“World Airline Systems is a combination of the largest real world airlines and routes.”

CEO - @Kaden_Wright


Database Update No.1:

Congratulations to FLAG Virtual Airlines, Qantas Virtual Airlines and SpiceJet Virtual Airlines for being added to the database.

Please view their threads by selecting on their names, and hopefully you find some that you would like to join.


Database Update No.2:

Congratulations to Corporate Virtual Airlines on being added to the Official Virtual Airline Database.


Database Update No.3:

Congratulations to World Airline Systems and Elite Air for both being added to the database. Feel free to view their threads by selecting their names.


Database Update No.4:

Congratulations to YouGoAir and RyanAir_IF for being added to the database! We wish you the best success!


Database Update No.5:

Congratulations to Piedmont Virtual Airlines on getting certified. We can’t wait to see you grow within the community!


Database Update No.6:

Congratulations to British Airways Virtual on being added to the database, the flag carrier of the United Kingdom!


Should I add more VAs to the database?

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All the VAs that are active are now added to the database and those that are closed have been removed. If there’s any VAs that I didn’t add/remove, let me know in a PM. Thanks :slight_smile:


Database update No. 8

Added one airline!

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