Oneworld Chooses Moscow For Its First Branded Lounge

It looks like OneWorld alliance have now settled on Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport for the first branded world lounge. The location has been kept a secret until now.

But I think that why Moscow and not a place like Heathrow etc?

Do you think that you will ever visit here?


Why Moscow tho

No I’ll never visit there, but it looks a good direction for OneWorld.

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Yes but Moscow is quite a weird location for their lounge.
I’m wondering why they didn’t go for somewhere which is more major than Moscow?

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I think it’s an OK place to have it. It’s different and it looks beautiful

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I wonder why Moscow, and not JFK, SYD, or LHR, where their founder airlines are? Weird.

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I think it’s probably about showing that they’re truly trying to be a global alliance - not catering towards all of the major cities which most people see as obvious choices. I would also think that they get some benefits from the Russian government for choosing that as the location.


Please tone down on the language

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Hmm, I wonder why not LHR or DOH as you said.
And I probably won’t fly there as I cannot afford business class (well technically yes but it would be a waste if money and I cannot afford to waste money)

Doha is a very “one airline” based airport, Qatar Airways wouldn’t want any other lounges in “their” airport, In addition the first and business class lounge in Doha are mindblowing. While LHR is also very one airline based, however more diverse than Doha, it is still part of a Large nation (the UK)

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I hope it does, but do many Oneworld partners fly to Moscow?


Yes but I cannot remember all. I know that British airways fly there.

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