Only security instructions

Hello :wave: everyone
Is possible to do that the infinite flight passengers can only do the safety instructions and nothing all ?
Because I am using IF assistant too , so I have the sound of cabin crew.
Thank you very much .

Hello @Hbyth-008,

Thanks for contacting support and welcome!

This is possible in a way, but unfortunately some things won’t be disabled like the prepare for takeoff sounds, 6,000 feet and descent announcements.

You can turn off the volume for boarding music which means it won’t play at all. You can also turn off the v-speed callouts and GPWS, although you’ll still have the other announcements.

This is something that you can create a #features request for if you’d like to functionality to disable those.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much !

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No problem! We’re always here if you have any further questions :). This would be a good addition though as many users use these apps in conjunction with each other.

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