Organising an Infinite Passenger Community event in Infinite Flight


As you all know that there are lots of VA’s in Infinite Flight and they routinely hold a community event where each and every member of their VA’s participate in it and fly together, enjoy flying, can learn how to use ATC as at the time of their event the ATCs at their decided route are controlled by their team members.

So my wish is that as there are quite good number of members in IP community. So can you please move on for organising community events of IP where we can all meet up and fly together,learn more about aviation and get the feeling of flying real aircraft as our community members who will fly with us will definitely use IP for boarding musics. I don’t know what you might think but I wish that you will support my idea.

Also if you organise a community event of IP then it’s definitely that anyone of our community will take control of ATC which will also let us to know more about how to use ATC.

Finally I want the IP team to organise regular IP community events so as we can all get a platform to come more closer, can get the spirit of a team work and finally can become the best community flying team in Infinite Flight

I hope the development team will definitely support my idea.

Please kindly tell what you all think I mean each and every member of IP community.

Best Regards

We have an events category (#events) that we are working on, be sure to keep an eye out in there.

For more info or to add to the survey, follow the link below: