Our Latest Community Staff Member!


Please join us in welcoming @Gabe_Z to the staff team here on the Infinite Passengers Community.

Gabe has been a productive member of the forum for quite a while now and one of our first members. Gabe has been activity assisting in #support, guiding new members, tutorials, sharing ideas, contributions to the beta team and as a Senior Regular. Gabe is in the US, meaning a moderator should be available to you at most times if in need. We believe that Gabe is definitely suited to this role and will continue to assist you guys as always!

Gabe was actually added a few weeks ago, however this is now the official announcement.

In other news, we’d like to congratulate @aviator_ryan on becoming our new Senior Regular!

Ryan will be in charge of leading the regular (TL3) crew and maintaining an active lounge section. This is definitely a gateway to becoming a future moderator.

As always, we will keep an eye out on everyone and see who we deem fit to be our next member of the staff team. We will be looking into adding more moderators as activity increases. Be active, contribute and welcome those new members! You never know… you might be next.



Big congratulations @Gabe_Z @aviator_ryan you will serve this community proud.


Congrats Ryan and Gabe!


Appreciate all the thanks and praises


You’re welcome, Ryan!

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Sorry it’s so late… however, Welcome to the team @Gabe_Z! And congrats on Senior Regular @aviator_ryan! Enjoy your new roles.


Congrats guys! @Gabe_Z @aviator_ryan


Well done to both of you, how to become staff though?

As of now, we currently don’t take any direct requests for this position. The community staff will decide on new moderators and only promote if more are needed. The best way to become a moderator is to be an active and loyal forum member. Promote some positive discussion, welcome new users and assist users who may need help. We base our selection on multiple factors to ensure only the most loyal forum members are promoted to moderator. We will hold a list of users who we think would be good additions to the team.

We do also have an application process which may be opened up to allow the general public to apply for moderator. Although, we do still take a lot of factors into account when opening public applications. Keep an eye out in case we decide to do public applications.

Thanks for being part of the community!


Oh I see, thanks anyways.

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But aviator_ryanis staff.

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That’s correct. Due to a few ongoing issues, we’ve decided to add Ryan to the team to help us out.