Passenger announcements stop after climb

Whether I use this app, it works all fine till I take off, after takeoff and when i descend, land or when taxing to gate after landing none of the announcements come.


Thanks for contacting support. Can you confirm your device spec and OS


Using Android OS and have 6GB of Ram. I’m using the OnePlus 5

Do you have any other apps open during your flight apart from IFPAX and InfiniteFlight?

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No I don’t have any other apps open

Have you tried Re-Installing the app.

@DGGR this happens to me as well… Am android user… This bug happens to be recent. I tried a way where in i used to clear caches of app and restart the app the announcements to occur only till the take off… Them when i swap between the IF and IF passengers the announcement comes out only for that particular course of flight and then again i need to swap the apps for aporoach. Due to this i uninstalled the app. It will be much helpful if this gets sorted out.

Hello @Kishore_Leo,

Please try these steps below.

  • Restart your device.
  • Try clearing the data (Note: You may have to sign in again.)
  • If these steps above don’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

It could be the app is being killed due to limited resources on your device. As a quick test, see if reducing the graphics settings on Infinite Flight fixes this.