Passenger Satisfaction

So I was flying from UKKK in Ukraine to EGLL London so along the way at about 32,000 feet I stumbled into some bad turbulence I tried to go lower to avoid it but still it was pretty violent so eventually when I started my descent the turbulence calmed down when I finished my flight I saw that my passenger satisfaction was Good instead of Perfect I want to know if it was the turbulence that reduced the passenger satisfaction

Hello @Daniel_Madumere. How fast were you descending?

If you got perfect before and flew in the same manner and got different results, then it would be the turbulence.
While your rating may have gone down, that has no/very, very little impact on you. Also, in real life most passengers would be less satisfied on a flight with turbulence (even though the airline can’t control it much)

I would say this is highly inaccurate. The common traveler likes to get from point A to point B the quickest along with good costumer care. I think the common traveler knows about turbulence and that its not the airlines fault as you cannot really predict it.

I personally think this depends where you are flying. If you flew from New York to Orlando the motive would be a lot more different then flying from New York to Chicago. The passengers will be different on every flight.

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