Photo thread or category

I suggest we have a photo thread or category for people to share best photos from their flight with IF PAX or Infinite Flight.

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Can you explain this a little bit to me? Not quite understanding

Sorry I mean like if you do a flight with IF PAX you can post screenshots from your flight as well as your end of flight rating box from IF PAX.

I like the idea, and it would be great to boost activity on the forums, however this forum can’t become a clone of the IFC :wink:


I’m not sure on the idea, however I wouldn’t say a whole category dedicated to photos is neccesary. Maybe a thread for photos? But these things tend to eat up a lot of storage, especially if 100s of photos are posted each day and this tends to dilute productive forum discussion. Instead people just post photos with no context.

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Hey guys!

I see how this could be an issue. I will have chat with the others and we might make certain requirements when posting a photo/photos.

For example, you would need to include details like:

  • The Route Flown.
  • Would you recommend this route and why?

Just for an example.


In my opinion it’s uneeded forum clutter for a category. It will eat up storage space and draw away from good discussion. Maybe a single thread with a limit of photos per day with context?


To be honest I think it’s unecessary to even have a place for people to post photos. As you said, it just takes up storage space and also it will make the forum even closer to just being an ifc clone which we don’t want.

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Can I get an update please

The category hasn’t been added, we’re discussing it within the team

Didn’t really ask for a category…A thread is fine

That seems a little bit extreme. It’s only a few photos. I think it would be a great idea.

We are limited on forum storage space, and it will probably end up with everyone posting a bunch of photos. It will also just make us one step closer to an IFC clone so I don’t think we should add it.