Plane SKIDS OF RUNWAY During Landing And Ends Up On HIGHWAY

A plane recently overran a runway at an Airport near Kabul, Iran. The plane then slides onto a highway, here is a video about it that includes some footage !

Let’s try to get some chat down below, but please remember to keep it respectful !

Some topics for down below

  • Why did the plane overrun
  • Did the aircrafts age play a factor
  • Why did the other emergency exits not be deployed
  • Did the emergency exits not deploying have something to do with the aircrafts age

I recommend refraining from talking about those idio*s (adding a * so I don’t get into trouble) who took their luggage, as this is likely to get you punished.

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Interesting :thinking:

There has been a lot of incidents with aviation recently, as you mentioned as well with Iran. I hope that these issues are looked into and make a change to the way we fly.


This year has been one of accidents! The crash today, the recent event with Kobe and many crashes since New Years. This year is looking sour for one of the most advanced industries on the planet. A sad sight indeed.


Just a note the crash actually occured at Mahshahr Airport, Mahshahr in Khuzestan province, Iran.

Kabul is the Capital City of neighbouring Afghanistan.

Hope this helps.


I’m hoping its due to then not being used due to the location of passengers or other reasons. Hooefully not due to them being unservicable. There is also a possibility of them being open on the other side?

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Sadly their economy is struggling due to sanctions and although international law exempts sanctions on the sale of civilian aircraft spares so they can do that although there is only so much repair possible for these old aircraft coupled with the lack of funds to repair them and the training of maintainence crew or pilots comes into question. There is always the possibility of environmental factors as well?

Lets wait and see what the investigation concludes.


Interesting topic.

It seems like you’ve just randomly copy and pasted from several news sources as you repeat things without realising.

In the beginning you said that there were no reported injuries. Then you said that there were 2 minor injuries. And after that you said there were no casualties.

It’s very obvious that you have taken this from news sources. Don’t copy, be independent! :smiley:

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I said near Kabul, not at Kabul

He did not copy, I can really tell. Once again, please don’t make such unnecessary post. Send a message to OP and don’t start an argument please, thank you.


Thanks !
Btw that was the second aviation news video I made in 6 minutes, so I was very rushed, and I had already wasted some time re starting so I decided to just finish it

Still not near Kabul at all. Kabul is in Northern Afghanistan. Hope this helps.

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Well sources told me that, that’s why I used the words “apparently” or “it has been said”

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Wow how tragic hope they are ok