Please help me add video

hi, I connected inginite passengers to infinite flight. I set up airline mode. I bought 737-900. when I fly with route or without route after landing and taxing park, I close engines and end flıght. Agter I open infinite pessangers and I didnt make money. someone help me please? I add screenshot. sorry my bad english.ifpassengers

taking off.


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Did the flight say “connected successfully”
While Infiniteflight was open before flight?

yes, connect succesfully. play boarding sounds safe announce succesfly. when I finish flight and turn off engines, I open İnfinity pessengers and see this flight report. İf I press save button app crash. please help.

video add please help


  • Restarting the app a few times
  • After that reinstall the app
    If that doesn’t help;
  • turn on and off Infiniteflight connect (in the infiniteflight app)

What update are you using of the app?
Device and OS version?

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We apologise for the delay. Many of us are celebrating Christmas so unable to be fully active here per our usual schedule.

Please try the steps linked by @DGGR and see if the problem still persists.


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I restarted app ,reinstall app. I do turn off,on infinite connect. but problem continue. xiaomi mi6 my device android 8.0.0
infinite flight and passengers app latest version. I want to fix this problem than 30 hours. I bought 1 mont substrict airline mode. how can I refund my money back?

Hı,happy christmas. my problem continue. how can I refund my money back?

Does this happen with all of the aircraft? Or is it specific to the 737-900?

If you want to proceed with a refund for the subscription then follow this:

Although, we are here to help and we will find and fix the problem if it’s a widespread issue.

this problem continue other plane, for example cargo mode, A330-200F

I use android, I contact google. google said that contact app developer.

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Whoops sorry. @luqmanh should be able to help you out further with this request. Bear in mind there may be a small wait for a response due to Christmas. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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ok. I am waiting, I opened ticket but no answer @luqmanh.

can someone help me? @luqmanh isnot answer yet

The developer has already been notified multiple times. Don’t worry, he will get back on us ASAP!

Thank you for your understanding.

Merry Christmas!


okay thanks. Merry christmas.

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Sorry for the delay and thanks for the video it helps a lot.

I can see couple of potential issues. 1) i think you didnt wait for engines to turn off fully (it takes a 2-3 seconds). 2) looking at the landing video i can see in the top right hand corner a red exclamation mark in infinite flight… This generally means no wifi/data connection. So it could be that too. Can you try a short 10min flight and see if that works please?

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my aircraft A321-200 connected succesfully infinite flight infiniteflight

infinite flight sercer connect succesfly infiniteflight

turn off engines and wait %0 and I flight 20 minute but problem contunie. I tired. please refund my money @luqmanh thanks

Have you tried opening infinite passengers for the report before exiting the flight on infinite flight?

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I did it but report crash. İf you want I add video this