Please help no subscription

I buy a subscription a while ago but it says not found on 1 year purchase. I’m a long time user of infinite flight and passengers so hopefully the kind community will help me regards my issues.


Welcome to the community!

Thanks for reaching out. Please confirm the following details for us to assist you further:

  • Which operating system are you on?
  • Are you using the correct Apple/Google ID
  • Are you logged into the same Infinite Passengers account?
  • Try pressing ‘restore purchases’

We look forward to assisting you!

Thank for the fast response ThomasR and I’m using Apple iPhone XR and on same account tried to restore the purchase.

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Thanks for confirming.

Can you please double check that you are using the same Apple ID that you used to purchase the subscription? The subscriptions are tied to a specific ID so you need ensure it’s correct.

I just tried other iOS ID which worked for me and I probably got it in that.Thx for the assistance.

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No problem! Glad you’ve figured out the correct ID. Always good to keep track of which one you used so you can access it again. Support is always here if you encounter any further issues that need addressed.