Please solve the crashing problem


Myself Pratik. I am very much sorry to say that IP is continuously crashing in my phone and so as on other phones also.

I told you about the problem and you told me reinstall the app. I did so but still nothing favourable happened. I am describing the problem:

  1. It isn’t that the APK crashes after I open it. It crashes when I choose a sound pack.

  2. Also it’s not that all sound pack cause the APK to crash but there are some particular sound packs you can say among total sound packs 80% sound packs cause the app to crash while others are OK.

  3. For example sound packs of Indigo,Jet Airways, Ethiopian, Volaris etc doesn’t let the app to crash while others does.

  4. Earlier the app was good i.e upto the 4.7.9 update but after the next update the crashing problem started which is still revelant.

  5. Please do something to stop it . If you allow me to help you in solving this problem I will definitely do it with pleasure.

    It's not that the problem is occurring in my device only I played IP in many devices starting from Samsung to I Phone but the problem is revelant after the 4.7.9  update.

With Regards


We are currently aware of this crashing issue and are looking into it. Unfortunately, it is taking some time to debug as not everyone has reported this issue. We are unsure of any fix ETA.

We hope to get a fix released ASAP and apologise for the inconvenience caused.



Thanks Thomas,

Thanks for your giving a favourable reply. I will wait for the next crash fixing update to come .

Best Regards


No problem! Can I just confirm which device you are using?


Ya sure sir. I will be glad to tell you.

I am using 3 smartphones one is Samsung Galaxy J7 prime , another is Samsung Galaxy S9+ and other is I Phone 6s.


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