Problem with Claim Form (Solved)

Hi guys!

So today I tried to reclaim my subscription using the typeform form but it’s asking me for my IF Pax username. I believe I haven’t created one and I see no option to create an account in-app, even if I have created one, I have no idea what it is. How would I go about filling this form?

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Do you happen to remember which email was used in the account creation process? (Don’t reply here with your email address though)

I can DM you with a list of possible emails I could have used if that helps?

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Ok that would be great. Let me adjust your trust level here so you can message. I’ll be able to invite the developer to our DM who can search the database. This will then mean you’ll be able to have the free subscription added if we find a matching account.

Edit: You should be able to message now.

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Handling via PM