Promote the Infinite Passengers Community and Win Prizes!

Promoting the Infinite Passengers Community

Following the great success of this topic, we have decided to once again allow users to promote the community and be rewarded.

So, once again head out onto all your platforms and let everybody know about our community, perhaps share some of your personal experiences here and invite them to join.

How to invite
To invite a user you can either go to Profile > Invites > Send an Invite
or just send them a link to the community ensuring you tell them your community username so they can add your name in the “Who Invited You” box on the Sign Up page. Then once you have invited two or more people DM @moderators with their forum username name and proof of invitation.


  • 2 people - IFP recruitment apprentice badge

Let people know you’re one of our recruitment apprentices with this badge for your profile!

  • 5 people - IFP leading recruiter

Congratulations! You’ve reached one higher. You can now let everyone know that you’re a leading recruiter for the IFP forums. You are one of our most active promoters!

  • 10 people - TL3 Regular

Wow. You’re really making a difference to the community and as a reward you get the Regular role which gives you a load of cool perks including your own private category.

  • 15 people - IFP recruitment legend

Wow! You’ve managed to recruit 15 people to the IFP forums and now you can get this gold badge for your profile. You also get promoted to Regular, which comes with its own set of perks!

  • 20 people - £10 Google Play / App Store gift card

For this stage you get a £10 Google Play or App Store gift card and the IFP recruitment legend badge for your profile! Additionally, you will be promoted to regular!
*Gift card will be provided in the relevant currency

The gift card is unfortunately not available anymore as of 25/1/20

Make sure to get everyone you invite to put your name in the ‘who invited you’ box when they sign up, and good luck from the team!

Everyone you invite must reach TL1 before they count as an invitation. Only one gift card is available on a first come first served basis. The IPC Staff reserve the right to refuse prizes or withdraw badges and trust levels at any time without prior warning


Good luck to those people who are participating.


How do we do it, like the invite ?


Follow these steps to invite.


Get promoting with me!! Come on guys let’s do this. Help bring more people to this great platform.


Let me find 20 people :eyes:


They have to be active though :eyes:


Where is profile ???

I asked around 15 friends and they say can’t be bothered

You will find your profile here:


I don’t see Invites that’s the things

You need to be member rank in the forums (TL2) to have access to invites.


For the moment you can just get people to put your name in the ‘where did you hear about the forum’ box when they sign up.


Everyone says no :frowning: :frowning:

People will only join if it appeals to them and they are interested in joining. You can’t force anyone to join.


Lol I never said I forced, I just sent a invitation. 1person said this is lame but I don’t think it is

Come on guys, get some invites coming in! Every invite is one step closer to the gift card :eyes:


Can I get a link for the community?

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I’m gonna get 10 people

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