Purchasing a fleet

Currently purchasing of aircraft is a bit limited i.e. you can only buy one 777-300 and there is no limits on the use of the aircraft by any number of pilots. i.e. the same aicraft for the same airline can currently be used simultaneously by any pilots of that airline. This doesnt make sense and doesnt match real world.

Im suggesting to change this so that:
(1) the airline and can buy multiple aircraft of the same type
(2) if an aircraft is in use by one pilot another pilot cannot use it and instead it will show on the planes screen as “in use”

Let me know your thoughts. Or if majority of people are happy with the way it currently is then I may leave it as it will be quite a big change.

Very good Idea!

I Support this.

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I also support this but one problem: what if an airlines has only 2 aircraft of the same type and if only one pilot can use the aircraft, how will the other pilot who is flying for the airline want to fly as well? He can’t possibly has to wait until the other guy finish a flight, right?

thats life i suppose. airline should buy another one - when it can afford it

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what do you mean by this?

I think this is good idea and very realistic as it is in real life

Just want to chime in here -

The airlines (IRL) are responsible for their fleet management. In your example, an airline had 2 aircraft and pilots were flying them then it’s the airlines responsibility to buy more aircraft to expand the fleet when they can afford it. This means more pilots can fly the aircraft and they can employ more. You need to think realistic here, currently same person can fly any aircraft at any give time, however it’s a bit different compared to real world. If one aircraft is in use, it should be locked to other pilots. You can’t just go to an airport, expect to fly the same plane again as someone else lol. Take Emirates for example, they have currently 113 Boeing 777-300 in service. If all those are on flights and more pilots are able to fly them, they are out of luck. It would be up to Emirates to expand the fleet if the need ever arises. You get what I mean?

I personally think this is a great idea moving forward. It will add a more realistic feeling to Infinite Passengers in my opinion. It will also introduce more airline management because you’ll have to work on fleet expansion across your airline and buy more when you can afford. Only downside is… what about airlines with a large pilot base and small fleet size? It will probably take them quite a bit of time to gather income to build their fleet. I think it will impact them a lot if they have little income. Chances are those pilots probably do a lot of flights, more income will be generated and allow expansion. Perhaps even integrated modes to allow you to set it for one pilot or all?. Man this idea seems cool… could also add specific type roles for each user like “A320 rating” etc. But I guess that’s more complicated than it needs to be.

Got my support! Just think it’ll need a little more consideration though.


I’m supportive of anything for realism.

Yes very real as in real life they can have multiple of the same aircraft and once one is used they have to use another for other routes. This idea is good addition I think.

I like it the way it is currently Mr Luqmanh.

Greetings Luqman, long time app user here and this is a feature that has been needed for a long time. I hope you can proceed with the addition, greetings.

~ Nine-O-Nine

I’m just now seeing this but I support this change.

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Yes this is a good idea luqman. I would say to make the other purchases of aircraft cheaper as it will take a while to rack up income.