Qantas New boarding music and safety video

Sorry if people have already seen me post this but since it is Qantas’s centenary year and they are one of my favourite airlines I think it is only fair that the music and safety video is updated.

New Safety video:

New Boarding music:

Voted, looking great :heart_eyes:


Definitely support this!


It would be great to be able to select a version of an airline’s boarding music and safety video, rather than simply replacing them with new ones. Something new is not always better. The current Qantas boarding music and safety video used in IF are fantastic, it would be a shame to see them removed. Being able to choose the new or old safety videos (or boarding music) would therefore be preferred:)

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Yes! Very true, I would definitely support that; I just really love the new version as its the 100th Anniversary and I find it very nostalgic but at the same time i really enjoy the current safety video.

Really hope this gets added, it would make flying Qantas routes even more realistic

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Exactly neither the boarding music or safety video are actually used on any Qantas flights anymore which is why I think it needs updating

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Sounds like a great idea!

Yes! I love the current one but the new one sounds amazing!

This request is pretty nice. As Qantas is turning to 100 years at the end of 2020, I would like to use this updated safety video to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Qantas at the end of this year.