Qatar Virtual Airlines Official Thread(CLOSED)

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Welcome To The Official Qatar Virtual Airlines Thread

Website(coming soon) | Apply | Pilot Handbook(coming soon)

The purpose of this virtual airline is to live out the passion of flying in a professional environment as much as possible. The VA is there to help each other if there are any questions, to improve more and more and to take professionalism to a new level. Furthermore, we value quality over quantity to enable one of the best communities in Infinite Passengers . We attach great importance to friendliness and despite the professionalism we want to give our members a fun time, because we combine fun with professionalism. We have one of the largest long-haul flight networks, which makes it possible to explore almost every corner of the world. You can also be sure that if you decide to join our VA, you will be cared as best we can and that you will never get bored thanks to regular events. We want to provide the best possible Infinite Passengers experience.

The staff team comprises of the most talented, innovative, and skilled members of our community. They are here to answer all your questions and make your experience more memorable!

To Apply For Staff Contact: @Cpt.Ace

Executive Team

CEO/Owner: @Cpt.Ace

COO: @MattyTH

Head Recruitment: Vacant

Head Of International Affairs: Vacant

Chief Pilot: @ThePatmacdaddie

We strive on providing an extensive mainline and codeshare fleet, with an ever-growing database, we continue to adopt more aircraft & routes into our fleet. We hope to have one of the largest fleets in Infinite Flight.

Qatar Fleet


Future Fleet


Codeshare Fleet

Coming Soon

As of now Qatar Virtual doesn’t have any partners and are looking to partner up with a fellow VA in the future.

At Qatar Airways Virtual, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering a second to none pilots experience. A huge factor of this experience is the routes and destinations to fly to. Henceforth, we are pleased to say and present a vast database filled with exotic places to fly to. We feature an extensive database containing an ever-growing routes network of over 250+ routes, we fly to all six inhabitable continents. The best part of it all is that the base of our route is continuing to grow, we consistently produce monthly routes updates based on real-life networks, partnerships, code-share agreements and much more. We consistently provide Routes of the Week, based on the IFATC schedule to give pilots the chance to expereince new destinations.

Qatar Airways Virtual is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Qatar Airways Group, Company, Q.C.S.C, Qatar Airways or the Government of Qatar. We are a not for profit Virtual Airline for the Infinite Flight Simulator (Copyright Infinite Flight LLC). You may find the real Qatar Airways website here .

So what are you waiting for apply today and join us here at Qatar Virtual Airlines.

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As far as I wish to join the Qatar VA, because I’m less active on Infinite Flight, I won’t be able to join unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:, however, I do have to say best of luck to your VA :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

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These are VAs for IFPAX. Not the Infinite flight community and/or Infinite Flight. As both of you have pointed out this cannot be IFVARB approved. @Cpt.Ace will read this and take action accordingly.



Ok I have removed it

Sure did :wink: I’ve taken care of it

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This does not have anything to do with IFVARB… This is recruitment for the the virtual airline section within the IF passengers app. Thank you!