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My name is Captain Ace and am the CEO of this airline and it is based in infinite passengers only.
Currently we are ranked 32nd for this month and we are looking forward to reaching top ten and we currently have 17 pilots and are recruiting for more to help us make this airline a massive success.

Qatar Virtual is an airline inspired by Qatar Airlines.
Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C.* (Arabic: القطرية‎, al-Qaṭariya ),[3] operating as Qatar Airways , is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar.[4] Headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha,[5] the airline operates a hub-and-spoke network, linking over 150[6] international destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania from its base at Hamad International Airport, using a fleet of more than 200 aircraft. Qatar Airways Group employs more than 43,000 people. The carrier has been a member of the Oneworld alliance since October 2013, the first Gulf carrier to sign with one of the three airline alliances.

Our Fleet Of Aircraft
  • 777-300ER
  • A350
  • 787-8
  • A380-800
  • 777-200LR
  • A340-600
    More To Be Added
Our Hubs
  • OMDB
  • OMAA
  • YSSY
  • EGLL
  • NZAA
  • EHAM
  • KLAX
  • KATL
  • EDDF
  • WSSS
  • KORD
  • RJTT
    More Hubs To Be Added
Our Routes
US routes form Hubs
  • KLAX
  • KALT
  • KSFO
  • PHNL
  • KCMO
  • KMIA
  • KORD
  • KDFW
  • KDEN
  • KSEA
  • KJFK
European routes from Hubs
  • EGLL
  • LFPG
  • LFPO
  • EDDF
  • EDDM
  • EHAM
  • LIRF
  • LEMD
  • EBBR
  • ENGM
  • LSZH
Asian routes from Hubs
  • LTFM
  • UUEE
  • EFHK
  • WSSS
  • RJTT
  • RJAA
  • RKSI
  • VHHH
  • WMKK
  • OMDB
  • OMAA
  • VIDP
  • OEJN
  • OJAI
  • VTBS
  • OIII
South American routes from Hubs
  • SBSP
  • SCEL
  • MMMX
  • MMMN
  • SKBO
  • SBBR
  • SAEZ
  • TNCM
Oceanian routes from Hubs
  • YSSY
  • YMML
  • NZAA
  • YSCB
  • YBBN
  • YPPH
Canadian routes from Hubs
  • CYYZ
  • CYQB
  • CYVR
  • CYOW
African routes from Hubs
  • HECA
  • GMMN
  • GMMX
  • DAAG
  • HECA
  • HAAB
  • FAOR
  • FACT
  • HKJK
  • DNMM
  • DNAA
  • DNKO

And all the routes could not be written here.
More routes to be added.
Pilots must at least complete one flight per week.

To Join

Hey, join me at Qatar Virtual Mobile App on the Wix app to easily stay updated and get in touch with me on the go.
Join with this link: Got the app? Use the invite code: MZX80I

New Badge Ranking For The Airline



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