Question about voting

So I’ve already reached my limit for voting on features. Is there any way to increase the voting limit or get more votes?
I see a lot of feature requests that I’d like to vote for.

We have limits imposed on voting for several reasons.

Each TL (trust level) is given a certain amount of votes and they should be used wisely. Votes should be used on features that you’d really like to see and not on everything. I understand you probably have a lot more you like, however if we didn’t have limits then we’d have a spam of votes on everything. You really have to decide on what is more favourable over the other.

Votes are also returned once the topic is closed.

Yeah, you’ll get more votes as you rank up in trust levels. The limits are something that we may look to increase in the future as we expand, although it seems to be working fine for now.

Our current limits:

TL0 - 4
TL1 - 6
TL2 - 8
TL3 - 10


Vote for the best things you want, they won’t give us more in case of spam voting.

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I agree that we have little votes, it really makes up for the big things though and makes us choose wisely.

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