Questions about missing features

Since I haven’t seen any new features created by anyone, then I will have to ask a question about adding any new features to Infinite Passengers app.
I discovered some of the missing features from the app:

  1. Some captain’s call outs are missing, such as flaps and spoilers call outs.
  2. Some of the requested features about sound packs haven’t been updated or supported. I found that some of the sound packs that aren’t added before are still missing. I’m still looking forward to see new sound packs. For example, Allegiant Air, Sun Country, Luxair, Malindo Air, Transavia, Cebu Pacific, Xiamen Air etc.
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I really want Transavia in the game!! please bring it in

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On the Forum we use the #features category as a way to show what the community wants added to the app, all feature are considered and looked at, the more detailed ones have the best possibility.