Quitting // Bye and thank you!

As a few days ago, my subscription has run out and I do not plan on buying a new one as I don’t fly on IF that often. Therefore, I won’t be active on the IFPax. I will return some day when the Widerøe Sound Pack gets added.

I would like to thank @aegirN, @luqmanh and @anon85169546 for the help I have received throughout my stay here and making me feel very welcome…

Thank you and goodbye!


Thanks for your stay, hope you had a great time on IFPAX, hope to see you back soon.

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Speaking of subscription, I had an IF subscription(sorry to go off-topic) which ends almost 1 year ago but because the IF subscription want to purchase is very expensive(the subscription is a 1 year one which cost $80). So now I have IF solo so I don’t play it nowadays and so never use IFPAX.

Thanks for your help @Vinne
Ill look into the sound pack


:smiley: Thank you… Hope it gets added!

@luqmanh @aegirN, I’m not leaving since the soundpack I want is added. Buying a subscription now!!!

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